Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (2024)

Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (1)

Whether you're stashing cash, growing your money with term deposits, or need an everyday account that's as versatile as you are – we've got bank accounts that can help you achieve your financial goals! And to sweeten the deal, you can easily open an account online within minutes.

Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (2)

Everyday accounts

Your go-to choice for simple, convenient everyday banking and easy access to your money.

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Savings accounts

Crush your savings goals with bank accounts designed to keep you motivated and on track.

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Term deposits

With competitive interest rates and a range of terms to choose from, locking your money away can pay off.

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Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (6)

Watch your savings grow with our Hi Saver Account

Earn up to

5.00% p.a.

for the first four months.

Learn more about the Hi Saver Calculate savings

Round the clock banking, wherever you are

Want the flexibility to manage your money at a time and place that suits you? At your desk, on your couch, and out the front door – our digital banking options have you covered.

Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (7)

Mobile app

Check your balance, transfer money and pay your bills (or your mates). Our mobile app has loads of features to make banking on the go easy as.

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Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (8)

Internet banking

Get the bigger picture, on a bigger screen. Best accessed from a laptop or desktop, internet banking can do everything the mobile app can and more.

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Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (9)

mymo by P&N Bank

Your very own pocket-size budgeting buddy. Track your spending, bills, and savings – all in one place. Even if your accounts aren’t only with us.

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Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (10)

How much could you save?

See how your pot of gold could grow with the help of a good interest rate, regular deposits, and our simple-to-use calculator. No rainbow required!

Savings and term deposit calculator

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Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (13)

Why choose P&N Bank?

Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (14)

Unlike the bigger banks, our customers and owners are one and the same, so there’s no conflict with shareholders. P&N Bank is all about you.

Our mission is to offer West Aussies a refreshing banking choice. And as WA's largest locally-based customer-owned bank, we make achieving your financial goals easier by reinvesting our profits back into our products and services. We help you take control of your finances and give you a hand with your banking when you need it.

When you choose to bank with us, you’re not just another customer; you’re an important piece of the puzzle that makes us who we are.

Pay your way

Digital wallets

Sick of bulky wallets? Tap and pay securely with the devices you use every day – talk about convenient!

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Visa Debit card

The perfect sidekick for your daily spending – shop online and in-store wherever Visa is accepted.

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International payments

Need to transfer money or receive a payment from overseas? No problem!

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More ways to pay

Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (18)

We're here to help

Talk to us

Whether you’d prefer to chat to us over the phone, in person, or online, you can get in touch.

Contact us

Find a branch

We’ve got branches all over the Perth region, and as far south as Bunbury.

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Get answers online

We’ve got heaps of info and answers to your questions in our comprehensive help centre.

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Questions about bank accounts? We've got you!

You can easily open an account online in a matter of minutes, even if you’re not already a P&N customer.

If you’re new to P&N, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and have two forms of ID to open your account online. You can open most everyday or savings accounts online, and from there you'll also be able to open a term deposit from internet banking or the mobile app.

If you already bank with us – great choice! You can open most deposit accounts online by going to ‘Apply’ ininternet banking or ‘Open account’ in the mobile app.

Open an account online

New customers

If you're both new customers and looking for an account where either person can authorise transactions, the easiest and quickest way to apply for a joint account is to open an account online.

You'll both need to confirm your identity using two of the following identity documents:

  • Australian driver's licence
  • Australian passport
  • green Medicare card

Remember to have your Tax File Numbers handy if you want to avoid being charged general withholding tax on any interest you earn over a certain threshold.

You can also open your new joint account at your nearest P&N branch. You’ll need to bring your Australian driver's licence or a valid passport.

Find out what other identification documents you can use to open an account.

Existing customers

If you both already bank with us then you can open your joint account by calling 13 25 77, or by visiting your nearest branch.

And if you'd like to set up your account so that both account holders need to jointly approve transactions, we'll need to see you in branch to sign an Authority to Operate Form.

You can join P&N Bank in a matter of minutes by opening an everyday account or savings account online. Alternatively, you can visit us in-branch.

You can also join P&N Bank by applying for and taking out a personal loan, credit card or home loan. More details about How to apply are available on our product pages.

More bank account help Visit our help centre

Important information

Banking and Credit products issued by Police & Nurses Limited (P&N Bank).

Any information on this website is general in nature and does not consider your personal needs, objectives or financial situation. Our rates are current as of today and can change at any time. Credit eligibility criteria,, apply.

Read the relevant product terms and conditions before deciding if a product is right for you.

  • Viewterms and conditions
  • Viewfees and charges
  • View Target Market Determination (TMD)

The Hi Saver bonus interest rate applies for the first four months on daily closing balances from account opening date. At the end of the bonus period the standard ongoing variable interest rate at that time will apply.

If your Hi Saver account was opened on or after 1 April 2023, balances above $0 will be eligible for the bonus rate for the first four months from the date of opening your account. If your Hi Saver account was opened before 1 April 2023 bonus interest will be paid on the total balance of your Hi Saver Account on each day on which the closing balance of your account is $5,000 or greater, for a period of four months from the date of opening your account.

A member may hold a maximum of one Hi Saver account as a single account owner and one Hi Saver account as a joint account owner. You may apply to open a Hi Saver account 12 months from the date of closing any previously owned Hi Saver account as a single or joint account holder.

Everyday accounts, savings accounts & term deposits (2024)
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