SeaQuest DSV - Rockne S. O'Bannon (1993) - Episode guide from season 1 (2024)


SeaQuest DSV - Rockne S. O'Bannon (1993) - Episode guide from season 1 (3)

(SeaQuest DSV)

Season 1

23 Episodes


Episodes from the first season

  • 1 - To Be or Not To Be
  • 2 - The Devil's Window
  • 3 - Treasure of the Mind
  • 4 - Games
  • 5 - Treasures of the Tonga Trench
  • 6 - Brothers and Sisters
  • 7 - Give Me Liberte
  • 8 - Knight of Shadows
  • 9 - Bad Water
  • 10 - The Regulator
  • 11 - SeaWest
  • 12 - Photon Bullet
  • 13 - Better Than Martians
  • 14 - Nothing But the Truth
  • 15 - Greed for a Pirate's Dream
  • 16 - Whale Song
  • 17 - The Stinger
  • 18 - Hide and Seek
  • 19 - The Last Lap at Luxury
  • 20 - Abalon
  • 21 - Such Great Patience
  • 22 - The Good Death
  • 23 - Higher Power

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Original title : To Be or Not To Be
First Aired : 12.09.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 09.07.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Irvin Kershner
Writing credits : Rockne S. O'Bannon, Tommy Thompson
Cast : Richard Herd (Admiral Noyce), W. Morgan Sheppard (Professor) , Michael Parks (George Le Chein), Shelley Hack (Captain Marilyn Stark), Scott Coffey (Bobby), Eric Da Re (Maxwell), Rebecca Stanley (Aunt Jenny), Justine Arlin (Commmander Webber), Clark Heathcliffe Brolly (Renegade Sensor Chief), Mark Fauser (Weapons Officer Phillips), Dan Hildebrand (Helmsman), John Schafer (Pollack), Brad Hunt (Le Chein Guard), Michelle Holden (EarthCast Anchor), Brenda King (Carol Bridger), Bruce Klassen (Ensign), Buckley Norris (Territorial Governor), Michelle Sullivan (Crew Member), Michael Zurich (Renegade Sensor #2)

The Story : The crew of seaQuest are joined by a reluctant Captain Nathan Bridger and set off to investigate a distress call from an underwater colony, only to find it is a trap by a renegade sub under the command of Captain Marilyn Stark, who has a personal vendetta against the seaQuest.


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Original title : The Devil's Window
First Aired : 19.09.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 03.09.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Les Landau
Writing credits : David J. Burke, Hans Tobeason
Cast : Richard Herd (Admiral Noyce) , Sushil Tyagi (Helmsman), Roscoe Lee Browne (Dr. Raleigh Young), Robert Engels (Lansdowne)

The Story : Two miles beneath the surface, seaQuest explores one of the ocean's truly remarkable phenomena: steaming hot hydrothermal vents play host to an underwater forest of giant tube worms and other forms of life where none was thought possible. But when Darwin the dolphin becomes deathly ill, Captain Bridger is forced to choose between the mission at hand and the life of one of his crew.


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Original title : Treasure of the Mind
First Aired : 26.09.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 04.11.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Bryan Spicer
Writing credits : David Kemper
Cast : Gene Ross (Louis Jacobi), Chaim Topol (Dr. Rafik Hassan), Turhan Bey (Dimitri Rossovich), Lindsay Frost (Savannah Rossovich), Erick Avari (Lybyan Representative), Vachik Mangassarian (Tunisian Representative), Bruce Klassen (Seaman #1), Sam Armato (Papal Emissary), Sandra Kinder (Italian Representative), Patricia Herd (Wife)

The Story : When a preserved annexe of the Great Library of Alexandria is discovered, many nations send their fleets to lay claim to its treasures. The UEO orders Bridger to mediate the dispute and sends a team of ESP parapsychologists to help the negotiations.


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Original title : Games
First Aired : 03.10.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 23.07.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Joe Napolitano
Writing credits : David Venable
Cast : Alan Scarfe (Dr. Rubin Zellar), Mark Fauser (Weapons Officer Phillips), Jean Barrett (Williams), Timothy Omundson (Dr. Joshua Levin)

The Story : The crew of seaQuest rescue a warden and his only prisoner from beneath the ice cap. The prisoner escapes and reveals that he holds a deadly toxin which will be released unless the crew does as he says, which is launching the seaQuest's missiles against the UEO.


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Original title : Treasures of the Tonga Trench
First Aired : 09.10.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 10.09.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Les Sheldon
Writing credits : Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar
Cast : Yaphet Kotto (Jack Clayton), Tom Provost (Ensign Filie), Stephen Kronish (Murray Goldwater), Ava DuPree (Dispatcher), Derrick Hatcher (Ensign), Rachael Harris (Rose)

The Story : When Krieg brings back what he believes is a priceless gem, greed runs amok on the seaQuest. No one listens to his stories of sea monsters in the area, until one attacks the seaQuest.


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Original title : Brothers and Sisters
First Aired : 17.10.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 16.07.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Bill L. Norton
Writing credits :
Cast : Christopher Pettiet (Zachery Thomas), Kellie Martin (Cleo Walker), George Marshall Ruge (Torrance), Jonathan Dohring (Matthew), Robert Dohring (Brawley), Kimble Jemison (Ensign)

The Story : The seaQuest discovers a group of children living in an old munitions facility on the sea floor and they must evacuate them before the structure collapses and unleashes a deadly explosion. Meanwhile, Lucas develops a crush on the teenage girl.


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Original title : Give Me Liberte
First Aired : 24.10.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 30.07.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Bill L. Norton
Writing credits : Kerry Lenhart, John J. Sakmar
Cast : Udo Kier (Dr. Guy Peche), Bruce Klassen (Military Person #1), Mark Fauser (Weapons Officer Phillips), Daniel Stern (Pierre), Diana Frank (Mademoiselle), Timothy Omundson (Dr. Joshua Levin)

The Story : When Commander Ford and other crew members are contaminated with a deadly virus from a downed space station, Captain Bridger finds himself fighting against the clock and a government cover-up to save them.


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Original title : Knight of Shadows
First Aired : 31.10.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 24.09.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Helaine Head
Writing credits : Melinda M. Snodgrass
Cast : W. Morgan Sheppard (Professor) , John Saint Ryan (Captain Finius Wideman), Leslie Hardy (Beautiful Woman), Timothy Omundson (Dr. Joshua Levin)

The Story : When a small team from seaQuest board a ancient sunken ship in order to determine why it went down, they find themselves trapped in a series of very bizarre and supernatural events.


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Original title : Bad Water
First Aired : 07.11.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 06.08.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Bryan Spicer
Writing credits : David Kemper
Cast : Dan Hildebrand (Carlton), Karen Racicot (Teacher), Elizabeth Storm (Claire), Timothy Omundson (Dr. Joshua Levin)

The Story : A hurricane threatens to prevent the rescue of a French sightseeing submarine which is stuck in a freshwater sink hole and running out of oxygen. When a team from the seaQuest are forced to the surface they must rely on each other to survive the storm.


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Original title : The Regulator
First Aired : 21.11.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 08.10.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Les Sheldon
Writing credits : David J. Burke
Cast : W. Morgan Sheppard (Professor) , John Bedford Lloyd (The Regulator), Andre Dukes (Mars), Michael Desante (Olden), Ava DuPree (Non-Com #1), Tom Provost (Ensign Filie), Tody Bernard (Butch)

The Story : When a vital component of seaQuest's air conditioning fails and regular channels fail, Krieg relies on a black market source called The Regulator. When Darwin disappears the seaQuest must track down the renegade who is seeking the meaning of life.


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Original title : SeaWest
First Aired : 28.11.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 29.10.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Gabrielle Beaumont
Writing credits : John J. Sakmar, Kerry Lenhart
Cast : W. Morgan Sheppard (Professor) , David Morse (Lenny Sutter), David McCallum (Frank Cobb), Ethan Glazer (Gibby Sutter), Bari Hochwald (Joan Sutter), Peter Sands (Duke), David Correia (Buck), Lauren Dennington (Pretty Woman), Renee Parent (Pretty Woman #2)

The Story : Hitchco*ck goes into an underwater gold mining colony in order to investigate a distress signal and discovers that the original and rightful owner of the mine and his family are being held hostage by an outlaw and his thugs.


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Original title : Photon Bullet
First Aired : 19.12.1993 (USA)(NBC) - 22.10.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Steve Dubin
Writing credits : Michael Cassett
Cast : Seth Green (Nick 'Wolfman'), Sarah Koskoff (Julianna 'Red Menace'), Tim Russ (Martin 'Mycroft' Clemens)

The Story : When Lucas visits a communications base populated by a group of young computer experts, a famous computer hacker, who now runs the Node, persuades Lucas to break into the World Bank and divert funds for humanitarian causes.


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Original title : Better Than Martians
First Aired : 02.01.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 20.08.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : John T. Kretchmer
Writing credits : David Kemper, Dan Brecher
Cast : Kent McCord (Keller), Richard Herd (Admiral Noyce) , Una Damon (Sakata), James Shigeta (Vietnamese President Chi), Aki Aleong (Army General Tran), David Lodge (Reporter), Ellen Leyva (Female Reporter), Steven Williams (The President of the USA)

The Story : seaQuest is hurriedly dispatched to rescue a crew returning from a manned mission to Mars when their space capsule crash lands in the Atlantic Ocean, but the president of an militarised Asian federation wants them too for his own reasons.


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Original title : Nothing But the Truth
First Aired : 09.01.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 27.08.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Les Sheldon
Writing credits : David Kemper
Cast : W. Morgan Sheppard (Professor) , John Finn (Colonel Schraeder), Tim Kelleher (Bowman), Bradford Tatum (Jackson), Brent Hinkley (Commando #1), Al Rodrigo (Commando #2), Michael Reilly Burke (Commando #7), Iilana B'tiste (Commando #6), Philip Tan (Commando #9), Thom Sherman (Sheppard)

The Story : While in the middle of an special experiment when only a skeleton crew is aboard, seaQuest is boarded by a group of commandos who are quickly able to take control of the ship.


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Original title : Greed for a Pirate's Dream
First Aired : 16.01.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 18.11.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : James A. Contner
Writing credits : David J. Burke, Robert Engels
Cast : Richard Herd (Admiral Noyce) , Anthony John Denison (Bobby (credited as Anthony Denison)), Rya Kihlstedt (Jessie fa*gin), David Marciano (Mack Stumpp), Sandy McPeak (Grant fa*gin), Mark Fauser (Weapons Officer Phillips), Andre Dukes (Mars), Roscoe Lee Browne (Dr. Raleigh Young)

The Story : When a top-secret UEO project shows the approach of a catastrophic volcanic eruption, the crew of seaQuest must convince treasure seekers on the island to abandon their lifelong search or face certain death.


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Original title : Whale Song
First Aired : 06.02.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 01.10.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Bryan Spicer
Writing credits : Patrick Hasburgh
Cast : Jesse Doran (General Thomas) , Jonathan Banks (Maximillian Scully), Peter DeLuise (Wiggins), Jack McGee (Mike Lutz), Derek Webster (Corbett), Leo Gordon (Smith), Frank McCarthy (Jones), Denis Arndt (Quartermaster Bickle), Robert Engels (Lansdowne), Richard Herd (Noyce)

The Story : A renegade sub is sinking whaling ships, which are in themselves illegal and against their moral judgement, the crew of seaQuest must stop the sub from its mission. Meanwhile, Krieg is on a mission of his own: to have a cheeseburger, despite red meat being outlawed.


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Original title : The Stinger
First Aired : 20.02.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 13.08.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Jonathan Sanger
Writing credits : John J. Sakmar, Kerry Lenhart
Cast : Dennis Lipscomb (Tucker), Jack Blessing (Gaye), Matt Landers (Dinato), Jonathan Nichols (Tom Green), Ryan Alosio (Assistant), Anthony Powers (Tom Riley), Mimi Lieber (Kellogg), Richard Herd (Secretary General Noyce)

The Story : In the lead up to an important demonstration, Lucas is knocked unconscious and the Stinger, seaQuest's prototype high speed sub, is stolen.


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Original title : Hide and Seek
First Aired : 27.02.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 12.11.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Lindsley Parsons III
Writing credits : Robert Engels
Cast : Richard Herd (Admiral Noyce) , William Shatner (Miles Tezlof), Christopher Miller (Caesar Tezlof), Herman Pope (UEO Officer), Ksenia Prohaska (Serbian), Robert Engels (Dr. Lansdowne)

The Story : A Servo-Croat dictator takes Drs. Westphalen and Lansdowne hostage in order to gain entrance into seaQuest in the hopes of using the ship's technology to rehabilitate his autistic son.


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Original title : The Last Lap at Luxury
First Aired : 20.03.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 15.10.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Bryan Spicer
Writing credits : Zora Quayton
Cast : Richard Herd (Admiral Noyce) , Bonnie Bartlett (Secretary General Dre), James Shigeta (Hoi Chi), Hank Stratton (Maxwell), Carl Lumbly (Lamm), H.M. Wynant (Head #3), Patricia Forte (Head #5), Paul Napier (Head #4), Fima Noveck (Confederate Head), Dian Kobayashi (Head #2), Leon Morenzie (General), Rod Britt (Reporter #4), Dave Fennoy (Reporter), Lucy Lin (Reporter #2), Hannah Sussman (Reporter #3), Dale Swann (UEO Police Officer), Anthony Winters (Color Guard)

The Story : At a summit conference, Lucas and group of UEO leaders are taken hostage, leaving the seaQuest crew to uncover a mysterious and complicated plot whilst searching for the hostages.


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Original title : Abalon
First Aired : 01.05.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 17.09.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Les Sheldon
Writing credits : Patrick Hasburgh
Cast : Charlton Heston (Abalon), Felicity Waterman (Mika), Sarah Koskoff (Julianna 'Red Menace'), Rob Youngblood (Kaman), Gary Eimiller (The Bartender), Matt Sheehan (Shapra), Andrew Wasser (Biff Pickering), Michael Kelley (Brother), Christopher Carroll (Policeman #1), Rick Fitts (Traffic Policeman), Fitz Houston (Other Policeman), Dustin Nguyen (Chief Shan)

The Story : Ford accidentally stumbles onto a colony of genetically altered humans, adapted by a scientist to live underwater. Meanwhile, Lucas heads to a party on land where he thinks Juliana is waiting for him.


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Original title : Such Great Patience
First Aired : 08.05.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 03.12.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : Bryan Spicer
Writing credits : David Kemper
Cast : Jesse Doran (General Frank Thomas), Kent McCord (Keller), W. Morgan Sheppard (Professor) , Thom Sherman (Ensign Shephard), Karyn Malchus (Alien), Dustin Nguyen (Chief Shan)

The Story : Things threaten to go terribly wrong when the seaQuest crew discovers a million-year old spaceship. Their only hope is Darwin being the key to bridging the communications gap.


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Original title : The Good Death
First Aired : 15.05.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 17.12.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : David J. Burke
Writing credits : Hans Tobeason, Douglas Burke
Cast : Richard Herd (Admiral Noyce) , Luis Guzman (General Guzmano), Marianne Hagan (Cynthia Westphalen), Carlos Carrasco (Colonel Miguel), Garfield Bright (Malique), Guillermo Zapata (Policeman), Dustin Nguyen (Chief Shan), Christopher M. Brown (Obatu)

The Story : When the crew of seaQuest are tricked into torpedoing a refugee ship containing Westphalen's daughter, Dr. Westphalen, Ford, and Shan are trapped trying to save her.


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Original title : Higher Power
First Aired : 22.05.1994 (USA)(NBC) - 24.12.1995 (FRANCE)(TF1)
Director : John T. Kretchmer
Writing credits : David J. Burke, Patrick Hasburgh
Cast : Richard Herd (Admiral Noyce) , Kristoffer Tabori (Dr. Wolenczak), Charles Cyphers (Calvin Shelley), Patricia Harty (Jordan), Tom Henschel (Rosenthal), Ynonne Farrow (UEO Official), Jason Stuart (Motivational Speaker), Christopher M. Brown (Obatu), Jill Engels (Helen Crocker), Brenda King (Carol Bridger), Dustin Nguyen (Chief Shan)

The Story : A brand new power plant which is set to supply energy to the whole world goes wrong and there is a danger of the polar ice caps melting. Bridger decides he must sacrifice the seaQuest in order to save the world. Meanwhile, Lucas has a reunion of sorts with his father.


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SeaQuest DSV - Rockne S. O'Bannon (1993) - Episode guide from season 1 (2024)


Why did seaQuest get canceled? ›

During the third season, NBC moved the show to Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET; seaQuest continued to face frequent preemptions in favor of sports coverage and other television specials. Several of the show's producers, including Carleton Eastlake, believe these preemptions led to the show's cancellation.

Why did Stacy Haiduk leave seaQuest? ›

Hitchco*ck was portrayed by Stacy Haiduk and appears only in the first season of the series. Haiduk, unhappy with her character's development in the first season, opted not to return to the series for the second season.

Was Darwin a real dolphin? ›

Darwin was voiced by Frank Welker. The dolphin on screen was in fact an elaborate animatronic puppet rather than a live animal.

How many episodes of seaQuest DSV are there? ›

In all, there are 57 episodes, with two of them originally being two-hour television movies. If the two multi-part episodes that were aired as continuous two-hour episodes ("To Be Or Not To Be" and "Daggers") are counted as single one-hour episodes then the total number of episodes is 59.

Why did SeaQuest fail? ›

SeaQuest is a petting zoo of sorts that opened a location in Littleton in the summer of 2018. The business quickly garnered complaints from animal rights activists and poor inspection report results from agencies like the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

What is the problem with SeaQuest? ›

Records show in the past five years, SeaQuest facilities were cited more than 80 times by the USDA for issues including human injury, potential disease hazards and inadequate care of animals.

What happened to Ortiz on SeaQuest? ›

Sensor Chief Miguel Ortiz

He could understand Spanish and had a knowledge of Greek mythology, particularly that of Atlantis. He was eventually killed when the Seaquest's crew got involved in the Hyperion civil war.

Who is Stacy Haiduk daughter? ›

Why did Stephanie Beacham leave SeaQuest? ›

Beacham also has cited conflict between herself and the show's producers during the first season as primary reasons why she did not return.

Why did Edward Kerr leave SeaQuest? ›

Kerr was not fond with the content of the episode "Alone" and refused to appear in it. Frustrated with the direction of the show and afraid that the series would hurt his career, Kerr requested to exit the show along with Scheider.

What 2 animals did Charles Darwin discover? ›

Answer and Explanation: The animals that Charles Darwin discovered in the Galapagos Islands were Iguana, a giant tortoise, and Darwin's most famous finches. Studying these animals, he found that the structure of marine and land Iguana is the same type, but the functions of these species are different.

Were humans once dolphins? ›

It is estimated that the common ancestor of all mammals lived 55 million years, in other words, dolphins and humans were the same species back then. Trivia 1: Our closest cousins are chimps. Chimps and Humans evolved from the same species that lived 7 million years ago.

Why was SeaQuest canceled? ›

He tried to quit before season 3, but NBC forced him to appear in the first few episodes to hand the reigns to new lead - and serial cinematic limb loser - Michael Ironside. In hindsight, Scheider seems to have been proven right as SeaQuest DSV's ratings went steadily downward, and the show was canceled after season 3.

When did SeaQuest DSV end? ›

The series was titled "seaQuest DSV" for its first two seasons and renamed "seaQuest 2032" for the third season. seaQuest DSV first aired on September 12, 1993 with "To Be or Not to Be" and concluded on June 9, 1996 with "Weapons of War".

What does DSV stand for in SeaQuest? ›

SeaQuest was the name of the submarine that the show took place on (the “DSV” stands for Deep Submergence Vehicle), and the people aboard the seaQuest were tasked with exploration and protection of the seas.

What is the SeaQuest Folsom controversy? ›

On May 1, the USDA inspected SeaQuest Folsom, in California, and found it to be jeopardizing the health and welfare of sloths by failing to provide the correct temperature and humidity in their enclosures. These conditions were also below healthy ranges two weeks before the inspection, according to SeaQuest's logs.

What happened to Lucas from SeaQuest? ›

For his portrayal of Lucas Wolenczak, Brandis won a Young Artists Award in 1993 at the age of 17. He enjoyed some time as a teen idol, but the Wolenczak role was the peak of his acting career. Brandis hanged himself on November 12, 2003 at the age of 27.

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